Henry WassermanI began my recooperation from a moderate stroke in the winter of 2011. At 99, my stroke caused me to lose my balance and peripheral vision. I had always been active in my life, and wanted to remain so. The office is close to my home, so I began working with Jeff Cooper. By the time I turned 100 on July 4, 2012, I was feeling great! I continue to work out with Jeff twice a week because I enjoy being active as well as the banter I share with Jeff and his staff. They are professional, courteous, and very friendly. I look forward to working out with them into my 100s. Recooperation Physical Therapy keeps me on my toes . . . without falling!

Henry Wasserman


“I have been fortunate to have Jane Maryoung as my physical therapist. She has been thorough with everything from the analysis of my condition to the planning of treatment. When an issue developed during therapy, she did not hesitate to confer with my physician. Her manner is very focused and professional. I was impressed with her understanding of the methods and equipment used to recondition, increase motion and strength. She is very good at making steady progress toward back t normal. Jane helped me recover from 3 surgeries in the past 20 years. Her expertise resulted in 3 speedy recoveries. I strongly recommend her to anyone in need of physical therapy. I’m not saying the effort was painless, but the proof is in the results.”

Joe V. Fisher


“I would give Jeff the highest recommendation. The knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and treatment provided – I was very pleased with the total experience. Thank you for a positive outpatient experience.”

Martha F.


“I always felt Jeff’s greatest intention was to get me well and to help me stay healthy. I never felt rushed like I had in other offices. I would say if you want good professional physical therapy, see Jeff Cooper.”

Stella P.

When I first met Jeff Cooper I had just been in a serious motorcycle accident. I was in a wheelchair with my left tibia broken in four pieces, my fibula was broken in three pieces, my clavicle broke in two, my thumb severely dislocated, and a couple cracked ribs. I was a broken man, both physically and mentally. Since the moment I met Jeff, he convinced me that I would get through it. He convinced me that if I followed his direction that I would be able to not only recover, but also be back to my old self, except for the extra metal. I have never met a man so committed to my success. It became a challenge for me to meet his expectation. I made a very rapid recovery, walking weeks if not months sooner than expected. Looking at my leg today you would be hard pressed to even realize that the accident had ever happened. This after an injury that I’ve been since told, should have resulted in the removal of my leg. His commitment, as well as his knowledge of physical therapy made all the difference to me.”

Mark Schneider
President/Owner Pacific Aire

I have been treated by several physical therapists over the years and have found Jeff Cooper to be the most competent, caring and professional therapist that I have encountered.

Stan Goff



I would like to take the time to thank Jeff Cooper for his

Imageexcellent care. Jeff goes above and beyond and provides exceptional one on one care. His positive reassuring attitude makes you feel at ease. He genuinely cares about his patients. I was diagnosed with Giant Cell Tumor of the humerus on my dominant arm. Being told by several doctors that I would never have full use of my arm again and that amputation was a likely outcome, my prognosis was grim. However, Jeff would not accept that and he did not allow me to either. I am happy to say not only do I still have my arm, but it is getting stronger and stronger everyday with almost full range of motion. Jeff is very professional, personable, and extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of physical therapy. I would also like to add that his staff is exceptional as well. I have never entered the office without receiving a warm welcome. The office is very accommodating to any schedule, and punctual when patients arrive. It goes without saying that I hold Jeff Cooper in the highest regard and strongly recommend him to everyone.

Michelle Manoly


I have been a patient of Jeff Cooper’s for about 4 or 5 years. I have seen him for various injuries as well as a post-surgical patient. I reside in Simi Valley and make the extra drive to Thousand Oaks to see him because his physical therapy techniques and attitude are worth the extra drive. He is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and his work ethic is hard to match.

I came to be Jeff’s patient because the orthopedic doctor I was referred to, in Thousand Oaks, referred me to Jeff. I asked the doctor if there was someone he could recommend in Simi Valley. He said he could, but no one would be as good as Jeff. He said, “every patient I have ever sent to Jeff has always come back to thank me”. I must admit, I had to add my name to that list, because not only did I see Jeff for that particular injury, I have continued to stay with him for each subsequent injury.

One of the things I love most about coming to Jeff is that when it is my appointment time, it is “my time” with Jeff. He is not treating multiple patients at the same time. He not only watches me, as his patient, as I do my exercises, stretches, etc., he does them with me. He is watching me so closely, that he can tell me if I am not doing an exercise properly, or if I am compensating one way or another. Jeff Cooper gives his patients his full and undivided attention during their appointment time. This allows for a patient to ask questions, express concerns, or to let him know that things are going well. This also translates into better physical therapy and faster recovery.

When I was ready to start physical therapy after my shoulder surgery in November 2010, I considered going somewhere closer to home because of the gas prices. I went to the physical therapy office that is part of my new orthopedic doctor’s group. I watched for a bit, asked a few questions, I then resolved to forget about the price of gas and drive to Jeff. There isn’t any place I have seen or heard about that gives their patients the time and attention that Jeff Cooper does.

He is the only physical therapist I would recommend.

Sharon Hays


In the past year, after sustaining an injury to my fibula, which required surgery to realign the anklebones, I went to Jeff Cooper for physical therapy. From the start, Jeff had my rehabilitation clearly planned so that I could recover strength, range of motion, and agility in my injured leg. His experience, knowledge and skills as a physical therapist had me well on the way to recovery in less than two months so that I could walk around with ease for everyday life as well as get back to doing sports. I received personal care and attention at every visit and was assisted by his friendly staff. Overall, I had an excellent experience with my physical therapy with Jeff Cooper and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants efficient, professional and personal care.

Michele H.


Cole is fantastic. He has gotten me well on the road to get back my range of motion lost over past four years recovering from two hip replacements. Cole is a PRO!”

Edward Pruger